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Body Spa

Freely express your Enchanting Feminine Aura with our signature Kapas Beauty Spa Packages. That is what you deserve.

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Let’s take your mind and body to a place that is relaxing and healing all at the same time. Your general well-being is guaranteed within our care.

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Ancient Egyptian beauty routine, which removes dead skin cells and dirt from the outermost layer of your skin to moisturize and and replacing natural oil.

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Facial Treatment

Rejuvenate your fresh and vibrant skin. Let everyone sees how young you are. Choose from various facial treatments to help you get rid of skin problems

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Body Bath

Soothe your muscle, detoxify your skin, and quiet your mind with a trip to the tub.

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Body Sauna

Sit back and take a slow deep breathe. And exhale as you relax your tense shoulder down to your leg. Good news, it helps you to lose a little extra weight too.

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Foot Massage

Release all your tension with our done right feel good foot massages. The best feeling is when we hit the right pain points, and hold it, and let go of your worries.

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Get smoother and softer skin, thinner and lighter hair growth, and no more ingrown hairs.

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Bekam Sunnah

A healing practice by Rasullulah S.A.W. to maintain health and heal sickness.

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Resdung Treatment

Problematic sinus that’s stopping you from having fun with your loved ones. Worry not, start feeling good after we clear everything up for you!

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Alleviate pain and regain your flexibility as well as your mobility to enjoy activities together with your loved ones.

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Check out our body wrapping, eyelash perming and manicure/pedicure for your nails.

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