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Early 2002, an offering of a tranquility place exclusively for ladies was being introduced. Ladies who wish to relax and have their own time, de-stress and image building can visit Kapas Beauty Spa. Located at Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya, Selangor.

Kapas Beauty Spa offers services to ladies only and it is our strength. Discover a feminine world of peace, calm and tranquility. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of our luxurious surroundings, soothing sounds and the aroma of essential oils.

There is an abundance of fabulous facilities and an oasis of calm where you can leave behind your stresses and strains and rebalance your mind and body. Re-discover yourself at Kapas Beauty Spa.

More than 18 Years Of Experience

Served Over 12,960 Women

5 Star Rating On Google

Implementation Of Natural Oils

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